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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

If I was Kerry and a reporter wanted the Divorce Records - I'd tell them
You send me yours and I'll send you mine.

Just saw this headline on the Internet  'Saddam will be executed'...
Did I miss the trial?
Al Sharpton is going to have a Reality Show - SERIOUSLY.
I hope HE is the first one Voted Off.
Think of ALL the GOOD BET TV Channel could do - If they tried to Educate their viewers.
Instead of that horrible RAP they show now.
Why do Newspapers HATE Walmart? They don't advertise in the papers. If you NEED more proof that the WSJ reporters don't shop at WalMart read the article in today's paper.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Do a Google Search on  - Bush Condoms. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!
"The second part of a domestic strategy to fight AIDS is prevention. I think it's really important for us to focus on prevention. We can learn from the experiences of other countries when it comes to a good program to prevent the spread of AIDS, like the nation of Uganda. They've started what they call the A-B-C approach to prevention of this deadly disease. That stands for: Abstain, be faithful in marriage, and, when appropriate, use condoms. That's what A-B-C stands for. And it's working. I like to call it a practical, balanced and moral message. I say it's working because Uganda has cut its AIDS infection rate to 5 percent over 10 years. Prevention works." (Applause.)
A - Abstain.    B - Be faithful in marriage     C - Use Condoms, when appropriate.


There are Now 2 USA?s. Bush?s (BUSA?s) and the REAL USA. Why should BUSA?s be exempt from International Law? One of the fears held by the Bush government is that the, International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, ICC might decide to prosecute US military personnel. 2. He invaded Iraq without a consensus of the UN. 3. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan called on the UN council not to give any nations such immunity any more since this would erode the credibility of the ICC itself.

Bush backs down again

Bush said - Iraq - We don't want the UN. We will do it alone.
Bush said - We want US troops exempt from war crimes. NOW Facing "global opposition fueled by the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal, the United States on Wednesday dropped its attempt to renew a UN exemption shielding American".
State Department International Terrorism report - "was riddled with errors"
had said that there were 170 ?significant? attacks and that 307 persons died in terrorist attacks in 2003. The real number of fatalities is more than double that ? 625.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Let me know!!!!

Let me know - If you hear this anyplace else.
Bush told he is playing into Bin Laden's hands
Al-Qaida may 'reward' American president with strike aimed at keeping him in office,
senior intelligence man says Julian Borger in Washington Saturday June 19, 2004 The Guardian,12469,1242638,00.html
A senior US intelligence official is about to publish a bitter condemnation of America's counter-terrorism policy, arguing that the west is losing the war against al-Qaida and that an "avaricious, premeditated, unprovoked" war in Iraq has played into Osama bin Laden's hands.
Nutty Rush - What in the world is it he takes??? "We didn't go to Iraq for 'payback'. We went for preemption. We went to Iraq to see to it that there's not another 9/11. We went to play this as an away game, and we're doing it."
Did I read - "we went to play"???? Rush they are KILLING AMERICAN'S. THIS IS NOT PLAY!!!!!
RUSH: I don't accept the premise. I don't say the words "liberals are bad for America." What I say is, "Al-Qaeda is bad for America, and liberals don't believe it." What I've said is that Saddam is bad for America, and liberals don't believe it.
Got an Email from James Carville this morning hitting on me for $$$$$$$.
My momma always said to me, "Tell me who you go with, and I'll tell you who you are."
Hey, James, you went with Perjury Clinton. 

Subject: I read your your unpublished letter to thr RJ


I got an email this morning from someone that had read something I had written a year ago.




The ONLY changes I made to the letter I received

is - I took out the names to protect their privacy.


Her message to me is in UNBold

and My input is in BOLD.


I put it on My Blogger too.



Thank you for writing.


I will reply to your email.


When I reply to Email

I do it inside what YOU wrote to me.

I do it that way

to make it more like a conversation.


Please Reply to me.


Subject: I read your your unpublished letter to thr RJ


             A good friend of mine died from 3 gunshot wounds a year ago on July 1st in a 7-11 parking lot.


I am sorry your friend died.


I read an input you wrote and/or posted for the RJ and i was discusted! Now if you are not familiar with what i am talking about it was the 16, (--------) who held up a fireworks stand on rainbow and flamigo, yes a K-9 funraiser. now do not get me wrong i am not justifying the act of robbery or guns at the least but i was very upset at the comments you included and the mood in which you said them in.


I really am not sure what I said,

or the way I said it.

I try to be fair.


I went to the Review Journal Web Site Archives - to read Their account of what happened.

I did a search of - (--------)

but there was nothing there.


I also did a search on Google = nothing there

and on Yahoo = nothing there either.


You have to take granted that our state Nevada basically protects alchol, prostitution and gambling, since that is our "Resourse" for tourism.


Alcohol, and Gambling are Legal in MOST of Nevada. I guess Boulder City is the ONLY place where it is Illegal.

Prostitution is legal in SOME counties.

I don’t EVER remember writing about Prostitution.


Now, teenagers may drink, they may drink alot or smoke weed or any other type of drug


It is against the law for teenagers to drink alcohol.

If they do, they break the law, and should be punished.


How do you feel about Lawbreakers?

Do YOU believe

those that break the law should be punished?


and it doesnt seem wrong because everyone else in this state does it,


Let’s stop here for a second.

“everyone else in the state” DOES NOT DO IT.


but keep in mind this does not make you a bad person or a bad child distinctly for drinking, now does it?



I am NOT sure, Bad, is the right word.


It has to do with Intent.

What was the Intent of the Law.


It is MY opinion, that the intent of the law to have to be Over 21 to drink alcohol, the intent is to keep people UNDER 21 from drinking, and if they CHOOSE to break the law they will be punished.


Choice is important.

People make BAD decisions in life.

I think we should all TRY not to make Bad decisions.

I think it is the DUTY of a GOOD Citizen to obey the law.

I Try to.

I hope YOU try to also.


A child should not" be killed " for making a wrong decision


I agree.


expecially while under the influence there were many other ways to have handeled it, even shooting him in the arm would have him down for an hour. You also must know about peer presure in this town well that is what happened to him okea...

he was out drinking with some friends ...

and he does like to drink, well a so called friend of his happened to slipped  a pill in his drink -

unknowingly to everyone until after the funeral-

then he handed (--------) a gun and 2 others were on his back

encouraging him to rob a fireworks stand so they could catch it on camra,

and he fell when the boys were discussing this (--------) stated" well hey, goin to jail for 3 months isnt so bad"


Going to jail for ONE Second is bad.


never came the thought of dying. No (--------) did go to the stand of Buffalo and got away but i'll tell you one thing that (--------) is a Liar. (--------) never counted down..never said " im gonna blow your wife's head off"

i have evidence that there was only a few seconds from when (--------) walked up to the firebooth and when he dropped on the ground. He could have shot him in the leg or the arm but its the beliefs they have have as cops that make them feel that they have power, that they can do almost anything and get away with it. The cowards (--------) called his friends sped away as soon as they heard gun fire.

Now i just wanted you to hear the true story behind all of this and i cant change what you wrote a year ago but i can change your mind today.


Just think about it..think about it being your son ...wouldnt you want the police to have better tactics to deal with the lives of young children?" while being his friend i have been questioned alot and the comments i get from the police are sicking. .their actions are also!!...Now

i was told by an officer that he had watched (--------) bleed to death and COULD have saved him...but diddnt...

then another officer came in the funeral...while it was going on and starting taking pictures of everyone..they parked their cars about 30ft from where the Cemetary was and watched everyone leave.


Well they watched me very closly and stopped me not even 40ft from the Cemetary and

made smart comments like

" why were you friends with him"

"so poor you had to get him a plaque"

"he looked better with make-up anyways" and the one that reallly pissed me off"

Shoot em' 3 times in the right spot and they flop".


Now i read your letter a year ago and i just now am writting it o there is probably more information than i even expected to write but i hope this changes your view a little.


I sure am glad you wrote to me.

Thanks a LOT!!!!!


As you can tell

it took me quite a bit of time

to read your letter

and for me to add my comments.


I PROMISE YOU I will think of this more

and hope it is OK with you,

I will write you again.


I am going to share this with others

so THEY can feel YOUR pain.


Please, keep in touch.

I hope your life is happier now.

I am SURE you will NEVER forget your friend,

and you shouldn’t.






Sincerely ,




Thursday, June 17, 2004

5% LESS to throw away

Clinton Refuses to acknowledge that Perjury was the REASON for his impeachment.


Update to the Cry Baby NewsMax article on the Press Printing the Truth on Bush -

what they call - Liberal Media bias.

They Expect ALL Media to follow the lead of 24/7 Fox News Channel and 3 hours a day of Rush.

Give me ONE example of a falsehood by the Liberal Media. Just ONE.


NEW YORK (  -- Advertising spending will hit $140.3 billion in the U.S. during 2004.

CEO of TNS Media Intelligence, predicted 'a very good year' for the advertising industry.

A 5% Sales Tax on Advertising (STONA) would give $7 Billion to the states.


Let me give you an example of how a 5% Sales Tax on Advertising (STONA) would effect you.

In the Sunday LV Review Journal YOU threw away 280 pages of those Inserts, that NOBODY looks at. If 5% of the spending on them had got to STONA you would have only thrown away 266 pages of unread or unlooked at inserts.


The 2004 political Campaign will spend a record $1.5 billion in political ad spending.

Some believe that $1.5 Billion will buy a LOT of INFLUENCE.


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

They are picking on W again!

I subscribe to a newsletter from the HATE FILLED NewsMax so I can see how they are spreading the Hate today.

This just in. I put NMax in UNBOLD and MY input in Bold, so you can tell - who is saying what.


So, here goes - Boo!!! Hoo!!!! They are picking on Poor W again.

NewsMax Exposes $2 Billion Media War on Bush

The NewsMax report reveals that buying just a few minutes of ad time on

Howard Stern's national radio program each day until Election Day would cost Kerry $43 million.

But the senator gets that free, as Stern has dedicated himself to defeating President Bush.

Often Stern spends more than five minutes a day using his national radio show, with 8.5 million weekly listeners, to urge his fans to vote against Bush.


Besides Stern here is their List of - who hates Bush.

The big networks:

Dan Rather,

Did you Hear the Enron recording? I did. I heard them on Rather.

Peter Jennings                                                                                                                                              

Tom Brokaw

Matt Lauer,

Harry Smith,

ABC's Terry Moran

CNN's John King.

Katie Couric,

Maureen Dowd

Al Franken

New York Times



book publishing industry


films, from "The Day After Tomorrow" to

Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11."




The real reason Hollywood hates Bush

(no, it's not about the war; it's his Christian faith!).

Wonder HOW they KNOW that?


Here is a list of people that SHOULD HATE BUSH.

Taxpayers - because of the deficit

Telephone users - because the stopped competition at the local level

People alarmed about AID’s - because Bush cut off funding for countries that promote Condom use.

People living on Minimum Wage - Bush opposes an increase

Relatives of those that have died in this war.

Questions for Bush

Questions for Bush -

Questions for Bush -

If things are going So Well in Afghanistan. Why is DOPE production at an ALL TIME HIGH?


Answers - NONE, so far.

IF it is Important to YOU, it is important to ME!!!

The woman president of the University of Colorado should be fired as soon as she steps on campus this morning. Apparently, in response to the football situation where girls have come forward and complained that they were sexually assaulted by several members and in response to the

football coach calling the girl kicker the "C" word,

she (The President) said that that

"C" word could also be construed as a term of endearment.  Is she insane?


There is no way that that word, possibly the worst word in the English language is a word of endearment. 

She makes Bill Clinton's take on the English language look normal!  UGH! 

I would love to see all the kids on campus come up to her and say

"Good morning C------".  How would she like that?


One more chest thing - Madison Square Garden is not renewing Marv Alberts contract with the Knicks and Rangers. 

Marv will not sign the contract because of one clause in there -

they do not want him saying anything derogatory about either team. 

Those teams suck!  What is he supposed to do.  His personal life aside, I grew up with Marv Albert.  He is a great announcer.  What a shame. 

Well, aren't you glad you asked . . . . . . .!

**** From Ken - YES, I am GLAD I asked. Keep ‘em coming.


Saturday, June 12, 2004

The State Department acknowledged Thursday there were errors in its

latest report on global terrorism that greatly understated the number of terrorist attacks and resultant casualties last year.


It insists that this was not a deliberate attempt to make the Bush administration's record on fighting terrorism appear better than it was.


In an embarrassing admission, the State Department has acknowledged that the global terrorism report it issued in late April contained significant errors and that a

corrected edition being prepared will show that terrorist attacks and fatalities in 2003 increased, rather than declined as initially stated.

Click here for article


Higher Phone Bills Coming

Bush administration sided with the Baby Bells in their fight with long-distance companies.

Guaranteeing that you'll be paying more for telephone service.




Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Right now, I’m watching CSpan, my favorite channel.


They have a program on - Internet Campaigning.




It should be called - using the internet to Raise money.


Internet campaigning would be if the candidates

had a group of volunteers to ANSWER every single email they received.


Communication is a two way street.

Right now they are using it to TALK TO us.


they are NOT listening or replying, as they should.




Because the campaigns are being run by Paid something’s.

YOU decide, are they prostitutes, hired gunslingers, ????


They are doing it the OLD way.

He who has the MOST money wins.




It should be,

He who has the best communications with the public

should win.


ALL candidates want to receive your money

but what happens AFTER the election?


If they don’t listen how will they know how we REALLY feel.


Every day from now till the election

I am going to send this email to 5 people in my address book.

Friends, relatives, and Etc.

Especially the ETC’s.


Send me a reply if you think we should work together to IMPROVE

the world.


If I don’t hear from you you are off the list.

No harm, no foul.


Sure hope I hear from you.






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